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Asian Music Circuit - A Festival of Afghan Culture

Music from Herat concert will take place in Newcastle (18 Sept), St Ives (20 Sept), Bristol (22 Sept), Edinburgh (24 Sept) and London (26 Sept).

A performance of some of the very best of traditional and classical music from the ancient Afghan city of Herat.

Featuring the talents of Wahid Delahang (Afghan rubab), Ustad Gada Mohammed(Herati dutar), Naimatullah Hussein Zadeh (Herati vocal), Wahid Wahidi (vocal and harmonium), Yusuf Mahmoud (tabla) and vocalist Mina Amani.

 Part of the Asian Music Circuit's Festival of Afghan Culture. 

 Tickets £12, £15 & £18

To book tickets for Sunday 26th September (8pm) at the Tricycle Theatre, please call 020 7328 1000. For more information email info@tricycle.co.uk 

Other events taking place are:
A lecture on Music from Herat by Prof. John Baily with the screening of "The Annual Cycle of Music in Herat" - Asian Music Centre - 22 September - 6.30pm - £3

Lecture by Dr. Moya Carey "Painting for Sultan Husayn Bayqara, Art in Late Timurid Herat" - Asian Music Centre - 23 September - 6.30pm - £3

Afghan Tales: A Storytelling Event - Asian Music Centre - 24 September - 3pm and 7pm - £5

Roses and Nightingales - Royal Albert Hall - 27 September

Event details

Date18 - 27 September 2010
Event typeSocial Functions
Location The Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn Road, London, NW6 7JR (Music From Herat, 26th

Contact details

NameAsian Music Circuit
Telephone0208 742 9911

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