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About Us

Afghanaid is an international humanitarian and development non-governmental organisation (NGO), created in 1983 specifically for the Afghans.



About us

Afghanaid is a British development charity that operates solely in Afghanistan. We began our work in 1983 and despite the 30 years of war and turbulence we have never left. Read our History.

Afghanaid works with rural men, women and children in some of the most remote and poorest areas of the country. We aim to understand communities and their needs, gain their trust, help develop their skills and improve their prospects.

We have helped more than one million Afghans through the construction of roads, bridges, wells and schools, improved health, education and agricultural production as well as the development of rural savings groups and small businesses.

From our Head Office in Kabul, we employ 400 staff, almost all Afghans. We also have a London office, focused on providing fundraising support for our Projects.

Our Vision

A peaceful Afghanistan that is politically and economically independent. A just society where there is no poverty.

Our Mission

We work alongside Afghan people living in poverty to enhance their opportunities and capabilities, so they can achieve sustainable economic and social development.

What we do

We have three core principals: Basic services to reinforce livelihoods and strengthen emergency assistance.

Throughout our projects, we promote community development, strengthen local governance and encourage gender equality.

We enable poor and vulnerable people to claim their rights, in order to influence their own and future generations.

See our work in action:

Find out how you can get involved in our work by Contacting Us or visiting the Get Involved section of our website.

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