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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights, essentially helping poor Afghans to help themselves.

Agriculture and Food Security



Our projects promote the rotational method of grazing, renewing forests and rangelands by planting and direct seeding to increase ground cover and productivity. Increased ground cover reduces rain water run-off, thereby minimising the risk of flash floods and sedimentation downstream.

We help Afghan communities to improve their agriculture techniques by promoting conservation-friendly farming practices such as terracing, creating vegetation strips, minimising tillage and contour tillage to catch precipitation run off and reduces soil erosion. Promoting the conservation of moisture and fertility of the land has had a significant impact on increasing agriculture productivity.

We also provide communities with the expertise to use such resources in a sustainable manner.

Food security

By replenishing valuable seeds and animal feed – often lost as a result of natural disasters, or failed harvests – Afghanaid is able to make crucial contributions to families’ food security.

We also provide food processing training and kits plus vegetable garden tools to enable Afghan families to meet their nutritional needs throughout the year.

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