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Afghanaid is an international humanitarian and development non-governmental organisation (NGO), created in 1983 specifically for the Afghans.




Arabella Dorman

Renowned artist, Arabella Dorman, visited the remote and mountainous province of Badakhshan in 2010.  She visited communities and families whose lives have been transformed with the assistance of Afghanaid. In her diary, Arabella captured some of the dramatic scenes before her:

The acrid smoke mingling with poverty as the women stoked the flames. The warmth, generosity and laughter of a people coming together was contagious…..It is not something we see so much of in our society, a whole community coming together for the betterment of all. An inspiration to see how Afghanaid helps these people shape their own future.

Of our work, Arabella says, “Afghanaid is rebuilding from grassroots– addressing essential needs, doing the opposite of conflict, building the confidence, value and self-respect of the people. The sense of national pride that I witnessed gives room for hope.

 Mirwais Alizai

Born in Helmand, Mirwais Alizai, has a deep personal commitment to the prosperity and representation of his country and culture. 

“I am honoured to be able to support Afghanaid. I believe their approach to development is both effective and sustainable. I am committed to helping them serve the poorest and most needy people in Afghanistan.”

 Owen Davis

Owen is a medical student at Keele University Medical School and a former Royal Marines Officer.

He worked as a Cultural and Political Advisor for nearly a year in 2012-13 in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. He was sent to mentor a unit of Afghan police in the Upper Gereshk valley.

He lived and worked alongside the Afghan police and in 2013 was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his courage and leadership.

In 2015, Owen visited Afghanistan again as a volunteer with Afghanaid.

Junior Ambassadors

Suliman Maroof

Suliman Maroof is a former graduate in Media and Sociology from City University London. As a Media graduate, Suliman’s keen eye for event organization, his dedication and passion for the portrayal of his country, Afghanistan, has enabled him to collaborate in projects held by Afghanaid such as ‘Before The Dawn – Arabella Dorman.’ 

Coming from a Sociological background, Suliman believes that it is key that we promote ideals such as Gender Equality- supporting the role of women in communities which successively improves Afghanistan’s economic stability, Community Development, and improving Local Governance in line with the needs of the poorest people to counterbalance sustainable development.

Suliman says, “both Afghanaid and I share an ambition for stability, peace and prosperity for the Afghan people, and I am optimistic that in partnership, we will achieve great things in the future.” 

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