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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights. Using sustainable and equitable practices, we seek to help poor Afghans to help themselves. - See more at: http://www.afghanaid.org.uk/pages/projects.html#sthash.WHfw2DkO.dpuf


Badakhshan- Moving beyond poppy

 Badakhshan nestles into the far corner of north eastern Afghanistan, bordering Tajikistan, China and Pakistan, and is one of the chief poppy growing regions in the country. It is an area steeped in abject poverty and according to the United Nations has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. The province has a harsh climate and its potential for agriculture is limited to those areas where the soil is reasonable and water is available. Crop production has progressed in recent years but can be further enhanced through improved technology and better water and forest conservation practices. Afghanaid works with communities to plan better ways to manage natural resources sustainably and with farmers to identify varieties of high value crops which may hold promise for those without access to irrigated land.

Afghanaid launched a programme of integrated rural development in Badakhshan in the mid 1990s with support from the British government. It was one of the first NGOs to begin this kind of work within Afghanistan and the province has been the seedbed for many of our successful ideas. During 2005/6 Afghanaid worked in 153 communities, across Argu, Baharak, Shuhada and Warduj districts, and it plans to upscale its work to cover a total of 257communities in these four districts by mid-2007.

 Coordination and collaboration in Badakhshan

In November 2004, Afghanaid, Aga Khan Foundation, Concern and Oxfam established the Badakhshan Development Forum, which began the implementation of joint activities in Spring 2005.

This forum aims to:

  •  Foster open, regular and constructive dialogue between the main development actors (including the government and private sector)
  • Contribute to needs-based provincial development planning
  • Design more effective alternative livelihood approaches
  • Support the government and donors in the counter-narcotics campaign
Konnie Huq recently visited Afghanistan. Click below to hear her experinces of using a road funded by Afghanaid in Badakhshan.






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