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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights, essentially helping poor Afghans to help themselves.


Girls at school

As a result of the many years of war, most of the schools in Afghanistan have either been destroyed or badly damaged. Although the Ministry of Education and its development partners have made efforts to provide safe places for children to learn, the number of schools which have been rehabilitated or reconstructed are being outstripped by the actual demand.

Security and basic needs must also be accommodated. Many parents do not allow their children to attend a school that does not have a safety, or boundary wall. In addition, many older Afghan girls are forced to drop out of schools that don’t provide basic sanitation facilities.

"Safe water and adequate sanitation are as important to quality education as pencils, books and teachers. Far too many schools are woefully lacking hygienic conditions with broken, dirty and unsafe water supplies and toilets or latrines not adapted to children, especially girls." - UNICEF

 We aim to improve the access to adequate educational facilities and services, and to ensure equitable access to quality education for girls and boys, particularly those living in poor and remote rural areas.

One of our projects included constructing girls’ primary schools in Ghor Province. These buildings allowed Afghan girls, who had previously attended school in tents or open fields, to study in a safe and culturally acceptable environment.

Our work doesn’t just focus on the school building alone, but the wider infrastructure too. This includes the provision of toilets, water wells, boundary walls and desks and chairs.

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