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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights. Using sustainable and equitable practices, we seek to help poor Afghans to help themselves. - See more at: http://www.afghanaid.org.uk/pages/projects.html#sthash.WHfw2DkO.dpuf



Ghor Province - Afghanaid

According to the UN, Afghanistan is one of the deepest rooted emergencies in the world. It faces enormous challenges such as repeat food crises and extreme hunger due to natural disasters, conflict and weak institutions, and Ghor is one of the worst affected provinces.

Hemmed in by high mountains that straddle the middle of Afghanistan, Ghor is one of the most geographically inhospitable regions of the country. Many areas are inaccessible during the winter while others are many miles from market places. Much of the province is at such a high altitude that little can be grown by way of large scale crops. Many women have never had a piece of fruit pass their lips and their meals consist of bread, tea and occasionally, potatoes. Due to widespread malnutrition, most households have no choice but to resort to selling off livestock and valuable possessions, preventing them from overcoming poverty and rebuilding their lives. More worryingly, some parents have no other option but to marry off their young daughters to obtain money to survive.

Afghanaid began work in Ghor in 2000, when it launched a rural development programme in Cheghcharan and neighbouring districts with support from the European Community. Ghor was chosen as it was a largely forgotten province with enormous needs. Afghanaid was on of the first NGOs to work there and has taken a leading role in campaigning for international support for the development of the province. In our 13th year working in Ghor, we have changed the lives of thousands of individuals. However, in spite of recent achievements, much more needs to be done to eradicate poverty and increase prosperity throughout this naturally beautiful but increasingly hostile and insecure region of Afghanistan.

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