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No matter how big or small, all Afghanaid fundraisers are extremely valued and help us to reach our goals. Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

Introduce Afghanaid to a Friend

Introduce Afghanaid to your friends! 

As an Afghanaid supporter you are more valuable then you think. You are fundamental to the success of our projects by helping to maximize our fundraising efforts.  Help us extend our reach:

  • Pass on our literature - if you need a few extras just let us know.
  • Give them our contact details - we'd love to have a chat and are really good on emails!
  • Encourage your mate to donate or volunteer for Afghanaid
  • Invite them around to the next Afghanaid event or show them our websit
  • Share with them what change their support to bring in poor Afghans life
  • £20 buys a bee colony, including bee equipment i.e. 2 boxes and treatment material for one farmer
  • £30 buys 10 books for a children's resource centre library
  • £50 buys a hand operated sewing machine and material to provide tailoring training for one woman
  • £135 buys a kit of classroom supplies of one primary class including blackboard, chair and table for the teachers, wall posters and floor
  • coverings amongst other schooling material
  • £170 covers the cost of seeds and fertilizer for an orchard on a 1,000 square meters of land
  • £1,000 allows 2 women to acquire knowledge and start a small home based enterprise (business training, vocation skills, and start up sum/loan to kick start the enterprise)

Help us to maximize our efforts and bring positive and lasting changes to poor Afghan women, men and children's lives - for more information email pamela@afghanaid.org.uk. 

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