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Afghanaid serves impoverished, marginalised and vulnerable men, women and children in Afghanistan.

Issue 20, Autumn/Winter 2011

Real Afghanistan. Real Needs. Real Afghans.


Has everyone lost hope?  Is everyone tired of Afghanistan?

When public support fades for the military intervention, there is a danger that support for the Afghan people and their livelihoods will fade as well. This is not because human desire to help is diminishing, but rather because the general public does not see real Afghans and their real needs on TV or on the front pages.

But we know you have not lost hope. And we know you are not tired.

Each year we hear that this will be the most important year in Afghanistan.  Afghanaid feels that every day, every hour and every minute is indeed crucial.

Afghanaid works with real Afghans to identify their real needs. This twentieth issue of our newsletter aims to share their real stories with you. In this edition we reflect upon recent reports and press statements made by Afghanaid and other NGO’s urging the international community to put Afghans central to the development of Afghanistan. In addition, we highlight the severe drought in the northern parts of Afghanistan and its impact on rural communities. Finally, we share several stories of success and progress from the field and ways in which you can further support our work.

We need your help to spread the word. Afghanaid cannot get the headlines because we just are not big enough, but it does not mean these stories are not important. Tell our stories from real Afghans to friends and reverse the fading support, change perceptions and put the attention back on the real Afghanistan.

From the desk of Farhana Faruqi-Stocker

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