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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights, essentially helping poor Afghans to help themselves.

Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

Our Natural Resource Management (NRM) projects improve water management - by introducing less water-demanding crops - as well as soil and moisture conservation – via terracing, crop rotation, hedgerow planting and rain-fed tree crops.

We also address ways which allow livestock owners to make better natural resource management contributions, through reduced or improved grazing patterns, more efficient hay-making and increased fodder production. 

Through the creation of organisations such as Community Rangeland Association, Community Forest Association, Water User Association & Catchment Management Association - we strengthen the capacity to plan and implement projects which improve areas of rangeland and forest. These associations foster collaboration between local communities and relevant governmental ministries. We provide technical and financial support to these groups.

The video below shows our work in reforestation in Badakhshan province.

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