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About Us

Afghanaid is an international humanitarian and development non-governmental organisation (NGO), created in 1983 specifically for the Afghans.



Our History

Afghanaid has its origins in the Afghanistan Support Committee which was founded in London in 1981. Two years later, we were set up as an independent charity to provide assistance to Afghans in hardship and distress. In the early days we funded other organisations with proven track records.

Over our long history, we have worked in nearly every province in Afghanistan. In our current work we are reaching approximately 1.1 million Afghans. Click on the images below to learn more about how we have evolved and how we keep Afghans at the heart of our work.

1983 - 1992 1993 - 2002 2003 - 2012
Afghanaid History 1983 - 1987 Afghanaid History 1993 - 1997 Afghanaid History 2003 - Present
9895 days (and counting)
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