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About Us

Afghanaid is an international humanitarian and development non-governmental organisation (NGO), created in 1983 specifically for the Afghans.



Our Staff

Our staff are passionate and proud of their work. Of our 400+ personnel, 97% are Afghan nationals.

Below are a few of our staff and why they are dedicated to their work.

Amin Driver
Nationality: Afghan

"I was hired as a local driver and soon found myself driving an ambulance. I was given training in first aid because in many places where the war was ongoing, the nurses were scard to accompany me. Even though I have been caught in the crossfire many times, I love my job because I am helping people and assisting my countrymen. I have been with Afghanaid for 23 years and I intend to continue here as long as I have the ability to help."


Hazratullah “Mayar” Agriculture Coordinator
Nationality: Afghan

Hazratullah"Last year Ghor province was hit by drought. Families lost all their crops and livestock, and survived hunger only by being given food by neighbours. We were facing a food emergency: I distributed cash to disabled people and widows and trained farmers on new agriculture techniques. People slowly started to see hope and regain their lives. As an Afghan myself who had the chance to receive an education, I am happy I can pass on my knowledge and support those most in need; I know I am making a difference and I see it in the eyes of our beneficiaries as they express their gratitude for the work I do."


SamiullahSirat Senior Programme Development Assistant
Nationality: Afghan

Sami"I recently supported Sanam, a widow from Samangan. She had five children and her husband died in the war. The situation for widows in Afghanistan is not easy as, in poverty, they remain invisible, at the margin of society. Thanks to Afghanaid’s training Sanam set up a kitchen garden and sold her vegetables in the market; she could now provide for her children. She was no longer a faceless widow in need but a woman in control of her life. As a committed Afghan, I am happy that with Afghanaid I can support my fellow countrymen and women who didn’t have the same opportunities in life."


Najibullah Namiq Grant Management & Programme Development Coordinator
Nationality: Afghan

Motto: “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

”I see the impact of what I do on the ground as Afghanaid’s activities are changing the lives of poor people in remote areas of Afghanistan. We listen to people’s needs and support them, giving them a sense of belonging. We work in difficult areas and challenging circumstances, but with a clear goal in mind, which is the support of our communities. I spread awareness about what I know as I believe a lot of positive change occurs when people are motivated about specific issues. I am certainly not doing everything, but I am doing something.

Qudratulah Shariqi National Solidary Programme Trainer
Nationality: Afghan

Quadratullah"With Afghanaid I train local communities, enabling themto participate in the decision making process; Afghan men and women gain a voice and express their most pressing needs byeffectively communicating with local institutions. There can be no development without empowerment and participation and I am happy to say I am actively contributing to the improvement of Afghan society by making a real difference at the grassroots level."


Jan Mohammad Mehrabi WASH National Coordinator
Nationality: Afghan

“Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) is a health and hygiene project being implemented by Afghanaid which provides communities with safe drinking water and spreads messages about hygiene and sanitation practices.  We work mostly with women and children – especially girls. This is because in Afghanistan, it is primarily the women who look after the children and girls who collect water for their family members.

Afghanaid is an active member of the WASH sector in Afghanistan and our contribution is very important in reducing morbidity and mortality rates of women and children in the country. We are providing WASH services to the most vulnerable communities and as a result, are witnessing a reduction in the number of illnesses and deaths associated with a lack of safe drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene practices."



With a team of four in the UK and 415 in Afghanistan, 26% were women and 74% were men. Twenty-three percent of our 419 personnel have been with the organisation for more than five years and 11% have been with us for more than 10 years. The seven longest serving personnel have been with Afghanaid for more than 20 years.

Afghanaid strives to increase the number of women employed, so as to better reflect the perspective of women in programmes and throughout the organisation. Two years ago, the number of women recruited represented 15% of 78 new recruits. In 2013, women represented 33% of 148 new recruits and at the end of the year, 38% of 122 employees under the age of 30 were women.


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