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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights, essentially helping poor Afghans to help themselves.


Afghanaid regularly has to adapt and cater to the environmental and social aspects of the regions it works in. This is in addition to our dedication of improving local communities’ opportunities. 

Our work supports three pillars of sustainable development by providing support for: 

Basic Services 

We enable better access to education by building schools and roads. We are digging and building water wells, providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. We are also investing in community infrastructure by installing irrigation and hydroelectric power systems.

A new bridge built as one of Afghanaid's infrastructure projects


We work in agriculture and food security projects, teaching transferrable skills in harvesting crops like wheat, fruit and vegetables to thousands of farmers. These skills result in an increase in income generating activities, and also the diversification of nutrient-rich diets. We also assist in improving livlihoods through the facilition of an improved natural resources management system providing Afghans with knowledge on how best to use and protect their land and fields. In addition to this, we encourage better livestock care through immunisation and inoculation. Our work has transformed thousands of men and women into effective producers and entrepreneurs, by teaching them how to develop their vocational skills with the aim of ultimately launching and maintaining a successful small business. Through our efforts, Afghanaid’s contribution makes it easier for Afghans to remain financially secure and viable through all seasons of the year.

Women weaving

Emergency Assistance and Disaster Risk Reduction

Afghanistan is prone to natural catastrophes. It is vital that we provide emergency assistance to help local people deal and respond to floods, droughts and earthquakes. We assist with people’s immediate and long-term needs via our Food and Livelihoods Response innitiative. We also establish emergency partnerships with governmental and community-based assistance.

Roads are washed away after floods

Afghanaid's projects fit together in such a way that everyone benefits, be they old or young, male or female.

Throughout the three pillars of our sustainable development we integrate three pivotal themes: 

  1. Community Development - We aim to bring communities together by promoting community ownership, understanding and contribution.
  2. Local Governance- We believe in improving local governance, to ensure that services and development are in line with the needs and priorities of the poorest people.
  3. Gender Equality - We promote the role of women in communities, which we believe contributes to higher economic and political stability.

For more information, click on the relevant areas outlined above or to the right of this page. Also browse our Case Studies to meet the people Afghanaid has been working with.

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