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We work with rural communities to promote their economic, social and political rights, essentially helping poor Afghans to help themselves.

Rural Savings and Enterprise

Rural Enterprise

Rural Enterprise

Afghanaid assists men and women alike with vocational training and by giving access to markets and tools.

Rural communities often engage in a variety of small enterprise activities, such as vegetable production, dairy or livestock rearing and other enterprises. However, these small-scale initiatives rarely expand and often become unprofitable. We facilitate the creation of producer and entrepreneur associations and groups, which are able to represent the interests of business owners and their partners. We also advise these groups on how to access markets, information, credit and services.

Our work is focused on creating stronger business opportunities, so that they will continue to function well after our involvement.

Rural Savings

Afghanaid also promotes the notion of savings, internal lending and creation of economically-viable opportunities for poor rural families and communities, to start micro and small enterprises. This is done mainly through Savings Groups.

Afghanaid's Savings Groups give impoverished people in rural Afghan communities an opportunity to accumulate group savings and build their confidence to start income-generating enterprises. In a group setting, Savings Group members develop the discipline, trust and experience of saving, borrowing and repaying reliably.

They also learn to leverage their collective resources to negotiate access to external resources and services, for example business development skills, credit or extension services and eventually access finance from state-sponsored banks and micro-finance institutions. 

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