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Thirty years, Thirty stories

Thirty years, Thirty stories

Our anniversary publication features stunning images and 30 stories of individuals whose lives have been changed with the support of Afghanaid.

Take a look inside!

In their own words, former and current staff alongside beneficiaries, provide a unique reflection of life in Afghanistan during the last 30 years.

His clothes and face clearly show the signs of hard toil. One calloused hand holds the top of a long-handled shovel, gently supporting him as he stands on a mound of large stones, whilst the other firmly, almost defiantly, grips an ancient sickle. You can see that Abdul Hafiz is a proud man, but in his eyes and expression there is great humanity. And hope.

30X30: 30 Years, 30 Stories Afghanaid - Abdul Hafiz

Abdul Hafiz (right) is one of thirty people featured 'Thirty years, Thirty stories.'

The book will be a keepsake to read from cover-to-cover or dip-in-and-out at your leisure. The 120-page hardback includes a timeline from 1983-2013 paralleling Afghanaid’s work with the events in Afghanistan. The stories also show a humble, determined and hopeful side of Afghanistan.

This is a must-have for any bookshelf – give it as a gift or purchase as a personal treat. We encourage you to act fast as the print-run is limited. 

Each book costs £20 (plus £3 p&p).

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