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What is Fashion Revolution trying to achieve?

Fashion Revolution exists to celebrate people who make our clothes and campaign for safe working conditions and fair wages across the industry so that all garment workers can strengthen their livelihoods. Every April, Fashion Revolution Week takes place - the theme of this year’s campaign week is rights, relationships and revolution.

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What is the situation in Afghanistan?

Although there has been progress over the past 15 years, Afghanistan remains one of the hardest places in the world to be a woman. With female literacy rates across the country as low as 16%, and women and girls continuing to face widespread discrimination, they must overcome significant barriers to access education and employment. This prevents them from playing an active role in the development of their communities, or from participating in decision-making processes which affect their own lives and that of their children.

Afghanistan has a rich cultural heritage, particularly with regards to fashion and textiles: for centuries, the country was known for its crafts, textiles and delicate needlework. Herat - a famous region of Afghanistan - was historically a major centre of silk production along the famous 'Silk Road'. 

Our work seeks to harness the untapped potential of Afghan women whilst respecting and reviving the country's vibrant heritage. At Afghanaid, we know that when garment workers - 80% of which across the globe are women - are paid fairly and respected for their talents, tailoring and embroidery skills can provide transformative livelihood options, whilst revealing and revitalising legendary craftmanship.

Tailoring skills, rights education and women-owned business:

Unlocking a women's potential can lift entire communities out of poverty. Through recognising how Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage and women-owned businesses can transform livelihoods for families, our projects:

  • Teach, revive and preserve traditional embroidery and manufacturing techniques through our tailoring classes for women;
  • In keeping with Fashion Revolutions 2021 theme, 'rights, relationships and revolution', our projects provide women’s rights courses for both women and men to ensure entire communities work together to recognise and promote the value of women's skills;
  • To ensure that alongside their new tailoring skills, women have the training and tools they need to generate a sustainable income, we deliver courses in literacy, enterprise development and financial management to encourage women to launch their own businesses and sell their products at local markets.

Nickbhat, 20, finished one of Afghanaid’s tailoring courses last year, where she showed real talent.

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What can you do?

Join the #FashionRevolution by supporting women in Afghanistan to find independence, start their own businesses, and help drive progress and development in their communities.

Support an Afghan woman to start her own business today:

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