The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Afghanistan has seen the total number of people in humanitarian need almost double in the past year alone. You could be a part of the solution.

It is now projected that in 2021, 16.9 million people across Afghanistan will face acute hunger.

The impact of crises like this are never gender neutral, and as such, the socioeconomic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on women and girls in Afghanistan. This 'poverty gender gap' is largely due to women's economic insecurity: there are significant barriers for many women gaining an education and entering the workforce, and those who do work typically earn less and hold less stable jobs than their male counterparts, meaning they are particularly vulnerable to loss of livelihoods and food insecurity when economies crash and unpaid burdens of care and domestic work increase.

Make a difference and challenge yourself this IWD!

The Challenge

From challenge comes change. To show your support for the 16.9 million people in Afghanistan facing crisis levels of food insecurity and to help us reach more communities with lifesaving support, we’re asking you to take on 16.9 miles from the 3rd-9th March to help Afghan women put food on the table, lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and create a more equal future for Afghanistan. 

Join the #ChooseToChallenge Team!

The task is simple: cover 16.9 miles. Run it, walk it, swim it, cycle it - it's up to you. Break it down and that's just under 2.5 miles a day, or 8.45 miles over each day of the weekend.

The Target

Raise £100 and you could buy a woman in Afghanistan 15 chickens, along with the food, tools and training she needs to take care of them properly. This could be a vital lifeline for a family in crises like these, providing them with food and a source of income, whilst ensuring that women can reach their potential.

Take Fatima, who armed with her new knowledge and confidence, has started her own business selling eggs:


Follow the 3 steps below to join the #ChooseToChallenge team:

1. Sign up

Join our exclusive #ChooseToChallenge team, and we will send you tips and tricks to get you prepared for your 16.9 mile challenge, social media resources to help you shout louder about your fundraising, and keep you up to date with our plans for International Women's Day:

I'd like to challenge myself with Afghanaid this International Women's Day

2. Set up your fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page directly on our website to ensure that all of the money comes directly to us.


Ask your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to donate to show their support for your incredible efforts. Remember to incentivise your donors: if they donate £16.90 to your 16.9 challenge, Afghanaid could provide 10 men and women with family planning and reproductive health training.

3. Spread the word

The key with social media is to post regularly and keep people updated on what you're up to. Document your 16.9 mile journey with lots of photos and videos, and remember to tag us using the #ChooseToChallenge hashtag and our relevant social media handle! We can't wait to share your stories.

How you'll be helping

In 2021, we're working to alleviate heightening food insecurity and address gender inequality in Afghanistan by:

  • Directly supporting more than five hundred and sixty-three thousand women, supporting them to gain the tools, knowledge and skills they need to become economically empowered;
  • Delivering training in women's rights to 21,000 men and women in some of the most remote areas of the country;
  • Continuing to reach over 93,800 men, women and children with emergency food assistance.

Thank you!

You are choosing to spend your time doing something amazing and we really can't thank you enough. Our teams are working incredibly hard to protect build a brighter, more equal future for families in Afghanistan and any money you raise will enable us to achieve this.

During challenging times, donations from our supporters are an absolutely vital resource for Afghanaid, and will help to ensure we can continue to reach those who need it most, and provide vital assistance to the most vulnerable. 

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