COVID19 is creating grave implications for a country already struggling with deep seated poverty, long-running conflict and an extremely fragile health system.

Being born in Afghanistan, I cannot imagine how hard in particularly this situation is for this country. Especially, considering how every country in the world, including well developed ones, are facing difficulties battling this virus.

Afghanaid is a British humanitarian and development organisation and is building basic services, improving livelihoods, strengthen the rights of women and children, helping communities protect against natural disasters, and respond to humanitarian emergencies.

I’d like to leverage the power of my network, friends, family and colleagues to help this greatly suffering country.

• £15 provides a farmer with improved wheat seed, so they can feed their family.
• £15 could pay for first aid kits and training in remote villages, saving lives in areas where the nearest hospital is hard to reach
• £20 Could buy 20 apple trees for a family, giving them a new source of income and nutrition
• £70 pays for tailoring training & a sewing machine so a vulnerable woman can start a business
• £100 could buy a waterproof tent to be used as an emergency shelter when disasters strike

Ahmad Amed Nayeb