Hi everyone :)

Lucy and I originally planned to run the Hackney Half Marathon for fun (is it fun though?!) but after everything we have seen and read recently about what's happening in Afghanistan we decided we want to do a fundraiser run and raise money for Afghanaid - a humanitarian and development organisation who have spent over 40 years helping improve the livelihoods of those in Afghanistan.

Afghanaid are currently doing a crisis appeal to provide life saving assistance to women, men and children in Afghanistan who have been affected by this heartbreaking situation. You can read more about what they are doing in response to the crisis here: https://www.afghanaid.org.uk/Appeal/help-families-in-afghanistan and it also explains how your donation will be used.

To even be able to decide to do a fundraising run is such a privilege and something we do not take for granted. It's unjust what is happening and whilst it may seem like we can't do much, by pulling together and raising a bit of money we can at least help a few people be fed, have shelter and feel safe. At the end of the day we all belong to the human race and the value of one persons life does not mean anymore than another which is why it is so important to help where we can.

If you are able too, please sponsor our run and help us raise money for an organisation that is doing incredible work to help the people who need it most. We will ensure that when we run our half marathon we will push ourselves that little bit harder knowing who we are running it for.

Thank you all,
Meg and Lucy Xx Meg Evans