It’s not often I get political on social media, but I am heartbroken and terrified by what I’m reading about the recent events in Afghanistan. Currently there are thousands of families fleeing the violent conflict that has unfolded across Afghanistan in recent weeks. The brutal violence seen in the recent intensifying conflict has injured and claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people, alongside destroying homes, shops, and hospitals.

On the 12th September I am lucky enough to be able to run ‘The Brighton Marathon’. Although I’m not officially running on behalf of a charity, I thought this would be an opportunity to not only raise awareness for what is currently happening in Afghanistan but to also try and raise some money. I have decided to ‘unofficially’ run on behalf of Afghanaid, who are a fantastic organisation which are currently providing emergency shelter, financial support to those families in need alongside strengthening the rights of Women and children across Afghanistan.

As a young woman who is luckily enough to be born into the UK, and had access to education, freedom, and safety I recognise how fortunate I am to be able to run this marathon on the 12th September. I am asking for donations for this amazing charity to help those less fortunate that us, any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

Ellie Kistruck