The situation

Despite being one of the smallest contributors to carbon emissions, Afghanistan is one of the countries that is most aggressively experiencing the effects of climate change. Ranked as the 8th most vulnerable country in the world to the effects of climate change, and experiencing a rise in temperature of 1.8°C between 1960 and 2016, almost twice the global average, we are witnessing a climate emergency playing out in real time. 

With climate change causing environmental disasters across the country to grow in severity and frequency, flash floods and droughts are wreaking havoc on the lives of ordinary Afghans, disrupting food production and consequently income streams, displacing entire families and placing inordinate stress on resources such as water.

Our solution

With your support, we can ensure communities are able to build their own resilience to climate change, supporting them to future-proof their environments by providing training in managing sustainable ecosystems and assisting communities to develop and implement watershed and land use plans. These physical and ecological measures help prevent floods and droughts across rural Afghanistan. Additionally, we can help agricultural workers to grow and earn more in a changing climate, improving the quality of their crops, and revitalising the soil on which they rely, whilst diversifying their income streams.

Through inputs such as building flood protection walls and establishing early warning systems, we can also help communities not only adapt to climate change, but mitigate the impacts of disasters when they do occur, saving lives and better protecting homes, land and livestock.

By providing at-risk communities with this vital support, you can assist men and women in building resilience in the face of the climate crisis, lessening need across the country, and ensuring families can stay healthy and safe.

Watch our film 'A Source of Hope' to gain a greater understanding of the importance of climate resilience in Afghanistan:

A Source of Hope

Who we help

With our support, Chayabak village is transforming itself, reforesting the landscape, building flood protection walls and a water storage system in order to change their fortunes in the face of a changing climate. 

With Afghan women experiencing heightened vulnerability in the face of climate change, our projects specifically aim to support them to grow their resilience and take an active role in protecting their families and communities. Learn more about the innovative ways in which women are leading responses to the climate crisis:

Leading Through Change: Women and Climate Action in Afghanistan

How you can help

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