Women and climate action in Afghanistan

At Afghanaid, we put women at the heart of our climate adaptation work in Afghanistan. By harnessing Afghan women's resilience, we can help women to pioneer climate solutions that create a more sustainable, inclusive future that benefits all. Read more

Nurturing a greener future

Through creating female-managed tree sapling nurseries, we help Afghan women like Noor to kickstart the reforestation of their local environments, creating a greener, cleaner Afghanistan. Read more

What is gabion weaving?

Hundreds of vulnerable women across rural Afghanistan are rewriting their futures whilst protecting their communities. How? By learning how to construct Gabion Baskets. Read more

Attend our 40th anniversary event

Join us on the 21st November at the Royal Geographical Society as we hear from Lyse Doucet, Sana Safi, Hameed Hakimi and Catherine Philp on the situation in Afghanistan in 2023. Read more

Why is Afghanistan prone to earthquakes?

In Afghanistan, earthquakes often wreak havoc on peoples lives and livelihoods, but why is the region so prone to quakes? Join us as we examine the geographical and social reasons that contribute to Afghanistan's vulnerability to these natural disasters. Read more

40 years of Afghanaid

In October 1983, Afghanaid was founded and despite four decades of conflict and insecurity, we have never left. Join us as we mark this milestone and continue to find hope beyond the headlines. Read more

What is the Afghanistan Resilience Consortium?

Afghanistan is one of the world's countries most affected by climate change, whilst its citizens are among the least supported against the ravages of natural disasters and changing weather patterns. The Afghanistan Resilience Consortium is working to change that. Read more

International Women's Day 2023

We need your help to ensure Afghan women can meet their basic needs, provide for their families and fulfil their potential. Read more