We are working to achieve a peaceful and thriving Afghanistan.

Every day, our dedicated staff are on the ground providing life-saving support and long-lasting solutions for vulnerable communities. We need your help to continue this work.


Healthy animals. Thriving families. Resilient communities.

Please make a donation today and provide a farmer like Aliha with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to ensure their families thrive. Support a farmer today and become part of a lasting solution for a more resilient future.


Author: Natalia Deane

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Creating and strengthening livelihoods is key to achieving Afghanaid’s mission of providing Afghans with the skills, tools, and knowledge to help themselves, their families, and their communities.



Zarwaa is forging her way out of poverty

"I feel much more confident about my family's future now. With my new skills I know how to ensure that my animals are strong and productive, so I can put food on my children's plates."


Author: Natalia Deane

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