For women and girls in Afghanistan, life comes with many barriers. Despite significant progress over the last decade, Afghanistan remains one of the hardest places in the world to be a woman. 87% of Afghan women and girls suffer from at least one form of abuse. Many are too afraid to speak out, or don't know what their rights are and, in conservative areas, fear of stigmatisation and violence prevents many women from claiming their human rights, keeping them shackled in poverty. Afghanaid is working to change this.


Afghanaid knows that gender equality is critical to achieving progress in Afghanistan. That’s why we are working to increase the understanding and acceptance of women’s rights, and to change attitudes towards issues such as violence against women and early or forced marriage.

To achieve this, Afghanaid trains local human rights defenders, enabling them to advocate for the social and economic rights of women and giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to intervene on behalf of vulnerable women and girls in their communities. We also work closely with influential members of communities, such as religious leaders and elders, who help us to spread positive messages about women’s rights through a culturally sensitive Islamic perspective. By running community-wide awareness raising campaigns, we facilitate a broader understanding and acceptance of women’s rights, empowering women and girls to live free from abuse.

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