The problem

In 2024, Afghanistan has been named as the hardest place in the world to be a woman. Since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, the subsequent withdrawal of international assistance, freezing of assets and recurrent droughts, a deteriorating humanitarian emergency has taken its grip on the country. 

Resourceful, resilient women have been central to the survival of their families this past year. Yet, with the majority of women unable to work, travel freely or receive a formal education, it has become tougher and tougher for women to support themselves and their families. 

The solution

We know that women have the power to be change-makers in their communities. When provided with the training and tools they need to thrive, Afghan women can earn an income, feed their children, and gain independence. 

In rural areas where food insecurity is most acute, we support women to develop the skills, resources and confidence needed to cultivate their own food to feed their children. From establishing home nurseries to developing dairy processing skills, we're enabling women to harness their untapped potential whilst alleviating pressure on overstretched male family members. In areas where rural women's most pressing concern is earning an income, we support them to learn new crafts such as tailoring, enabling them to reduce household debt, overcome socio-economic barriers, have greater control over their futures, and catalyse change for the next generation.

We also help ensure that their daughters can access school: in many primary schools, there are no proper toilet facilities, meaning many young girls - due to the undignified and unsafe conditions - miss out on even the most basic education. In a country where girls are only allowed to attend formal education until 6th grade, it has never been more important to improve access to education within these limited years they are able to attend.

Despite the limits placed on their basic freedoms, Afghan women and girls hold the potential and determination to get their families through difficult times. Decades of research, and our own experience, shows that when women can access the support they need, societies become more inclusive, prosperous, and strong. Invest in that strength today...

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