“One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.”― Khaled Hosseini

In late August 2021, when Kabul fell, an Afghan Colonel and dear friend that Ed, my husband, served with on military operations in Afghanistan, experienced the impact of the escalating violence directly. We spoke to him on Zoom, as he sheltered in a tiny room with 14 members of his family - including his wife, 5 of his children and 1 month old grandson.  This devoted man, who supports Man U and once briefed David Cameron, has spent the whole of his career in pursuit of peace for his country. He worked with the British Army and the HALO Trust for 11 years and had a poster of Princess Diana above his bed. He even named an ANA operation after Kate Middleton, such is his affection for the UK. 

We had hoped for safe passage out of the country for his family but despite our best efforts to help, they did not get out of Afghanistan in time and now, like so many others, they are anxious for what the future holds and fear retribution. 

So, I am taking on this challenge to raise awareness of his story and to try make a difference…..in October, I'm going to run 100km for Afghanaid!  Let’s help Afghanaid continue their work to support vulnerable families, like our friend’s, whose lives have been destroyed by the conflict. Thank you!
Laura Willing