6 marathons. 6 weeks. Shed loads of wedge for charity. Am I mad? Quite possibly.

With thousands of Afghans now living in the midst of uncertainty and with many fearing for their lives, we as a nation have a part to play in helping individuals and families - many of whom have worked to closely with British forces over the past 2 decades at risk to their own lives.

I'm planning to raise money for Afghanaid in a bid to do even the smallest amount for fellow humans trapped in a terrifying conflict that has seen countless lives turned upside down in the smallest of timeframes. According to the International Organisation for Migration, 4 million people were driven from their homes in Afghanistan during 2020. This is only set to multiply. 

Afghanaid is deeply rooted in local communities, having worked there for close to 40 years. Now, the charity is working with local communities and know for their impartiality, the Taliban is allowing their work to continue. Providing blankets, hygiene kits food and assistance to those displaced, the charity is in urgent need of support to help operations on the ground.

As such, I'll be attempting to raise money in the only way I know how - those little old legs of mine. Yes, I'm going to be out running once again come rain or shine. In a bid to assist those fleeing and displaced by the conflict, I'll be clocking up the miles in multiple ways - you can even join me if you fancy keeping me company (please keep me company). Combining official half marathons with unofficial half marathons, 10ks and random lunch runs, I'll be pounding London's pavements (and hockey pitches) in a bid to wrack up the 250km by the end of September. That equates to more than a marathon a week which may not sound a great deal but will hopefully ensure we raise some £££ for a great cause and allow men, women and children to have a brighter future. 6 weeks, 6 marathons, one good cause.

Official planned events so far include the OM London Half Marathon (05/09) but more TBC.

This may be small gesture but every penny counts, please help in as big or small way as you can, it really is appreciated! Danielle De Wolfe