As some of you will already know, last year I won a ballot place in the London Marathon. However halfway through my 16-week training program, in August 2021, I injured my knee during training and begrudgingly had to admit defeat and postpone my place to 2022.
I was disappointed not to be competing but more importantly I felt like I had let down the charity I was hoping to run in aid of, Afghanaid. At the time, Afghanistan was all over the news, the country was in absolute turmoil.

Today, one year on, I find myself training for the London Marathon again, which will take place on 2nd October. Even though it gets very little press coverage, the situation in Afghanistan has not gone away. Currently, over 22 million people, more than half of the population are facing acute food shortages, 8 million of these are just one step away from famine. As in any humanitarian crisis, mothers are often the first to forego food when there is a shortage, and yet, when crises happen, they play a critical role in the survival of their families and communities.

I’ve therefore decided to run this year's Marathon in aid of Afghanaid and any donations raised will be going to their ‘By Her Side’ campaign which helps support women to gain the skills, knowledge and tools they need to better care for their animals and produce more food.
I would like to ask a massive favour and that is to donate what you can to this great cause. Until 11th October, every £1 donated to the By Her Side appeal will be doubled by the UK government.

Thanks very much in advance,


Ben Rosa