As the current crisis in Afghanistan grows, I’ve decided to fundraise for Afghanaid who are helping families who have lost their homes and livelihoods as a result of the current conflict.

As with previous times of difficulty, Afghanaid are working alongside local people both across cities and rural communities to help them overcome the challenges they face. This includes providing emergency resources for those that have become uprooted due to the conflict, including:

• financial support so families can keep a roof over their heads;
• kitchen kits so that they can cook and safely store food;
• the support they need to heat their homes and keep their families warm;
• hygiene kits including laundry soap and hand soap;
• items such as solar-powered lamps, stoves and gas cylinders; and
• emergency food parcels.

But it’s not just emergency aid – Afghanaid support long-lasting change through improving livelihoods, strengthening the rights of women and children and helping protect communities against natural disasters and climate change.

This summer I set myself the challenge of swimming the English Channel virtually. Initially this was just a personal challenge for myself only but given the recent events unfolding over the last week I’d love your support of my challenge in the form of donations for Afghanaid.

6 weeks in and I’ve swam 26km so far and I’ve got 10km to go. Any donations you can spare I’d really appreciate, your support could really make a difference to those who need it most.

Ellena Morgan