Protecting students from natural disasters

Many parts of Afghanistan suffer from frequent natural disasters. In remote rural villages like Mohammad Hashim's, Afghanaid provides schools with assistance to keep their students safe when disasters strike.Read more

Empowering the youth of today to transform tomorrow

Afghanaid offers young women like Afsa the opportunity to take part in training and business courses alongside their school work, so that they can achieve their true potential, transform their futures and contribute to the development of their communities.Read more

Rapid response to Badakhshan earthquake

On 9th May 2018, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook Badakhshan. Afghanaid has been on the ground, coordinating with other organisations in order to best support the affected communities.Read more

Meet the religious leader championing women's rights in Afghanistan

Afghanaid works closely with influential members of communities, such as religious leaders like Mawlawi Kakar, who help us to spread positive messages about women’s rights through a culturally sensitive Islamic perspective.Read more

Blazing a trail for women and girls

Afghanaid is working with communities like Massouda's to increase understanding and acceptance of women’s rights, and to change attitudes towards issues such as violence against women and early or forced marriage.Read more

Transforming hazards into helpful resources

In villages like Taghar, flash floods destroy livelihoods on a yearly basis. Afghanaid has been busy working with villagers like Gul Rang, supporting them to better prepare for disasters and be able to respond effectively when they occur.Read more