Breaking down barriers with Maria

Maria is breaking down barriers, leading the way for women in her community and building a more balanced society for generations to come. "A husband and wife should support one another, rather than one be dependant on the other."Read more

Helping families weather crises

We've been coordinating providing emergency food and long-term assistance to thousands of vulnerable families like Sakina’s to get them through the icy winter months.Read more

The Elimination of Violence Against Women

The Department for International Development (DFID)’s support, through UK Aid Direct, is empowering vulnerable women in some of the most remote areas of Afghanistan.Read more

Building more resilient communities

"Now, we can protect our children and animals, we can search for and rescue people in danger, and we can administer first aid if necessary... What’s great is that we now plan ahead; we don’t just wait for a disaster to happen."Read more

Putting power in the hands of local people

We work with villages like Malika’s to democratically elect inclusive and representative Community Development Councils. We support them to identify solutions to their most pressing challenges and to make the most of their resources.Read more

“Now I know that my community can face the future with confidence!”

In Orza's village, life has always been tough, but increasingly frequent natural disasters are devastating their rural livelihoods on a yearly basis. We supported her community to prepare for disasters and build a brighter, more sustainable future.Read more