Huge progress has been made in many areas of development in recent years, but Afghanistan remains extremely fragile. The effects of almost 40 years of conflict, alongside the new threat of climate change, mean that millions of Afghan people still live in chronic poverty. This will not change quickly, especially as political and media attention has moved on to other countries. It is crucially important that the people of Afghanistan are not forgotten.

At Afghanaid we are busy making plans for the future, but we need you to make them a reality. With your support we have already achieved so much. Together, we have slashed child mortality rates in areas where we worked to improve access to clean water and hygiene awareness; trained hundreds of vulnerable communities to respond to natural disasters; and empowered thousands of ultra-poor women to earn a living. But we must maintain momentum. We believe that with focused and sustained commitment, our vision of a peaceful and thriving Afghanistan will become a reality. By remembering Afghanaid in your Will, you can help us. We can never predict exactly what the future may hold, but with legacy gifts we can improve our ability to plan ahead in a way that ensures a long-lasting impact for the most vulnerable communities.

Leaving something behind to make the world a better place is a wonderful thing to do. Looking after others aside from your loved ones as a part of your Will is a big decision. If you are thinking of leaving a gift to Afghanaid, please fill out this form or get in touch on +44 (0)20 7065 0825 or [email protected]