As the freezing winter sets in, men, women and children in Afghanistan are facing devastating food shortages and some 22.8 million people are assessed by the UN as being unable to feed themselves. The situation is only set to worsen as temperatures plummet, bringing heavy snow and icy winds to families across the country who are without the means of keeping themselves warm. The Executive Director of the World Food Programme describes the situation as "the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth," he said: "It is as bad as you possibly can imagine."

We must act urgently to save lives and prevent a further catastrophic humanitarian disaster.

How can you help people in Afghanistan?

We are asking for your help to urgently provide:

  • emergency food parcels or cash for food;
  • blankets and the support families need to heat their homes and keep themselves warm over the winter months;
  • kitchen kits so that they can cook and safely store food;
  • hygiene kits including towels, laundry soap and hand soap;
  • items such as solar powered lamps, stoves and gas cylinders;
  • emergency cash to cover a family's most urgent needs over the winter months so they can make it to spring.

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