From the 19th-25th April, join in with our Fashion Week by helping us celebrate and platform Afghan Fashion - here's how.

Get Involved with #DressedInMyBest    What's Afghanaid's Fashion Week?

Afghanistan has a rich and vibrant cultural heritage, particularly with regards to fashion and textiles. Prior to decades of conflict and instability, the country was known for its crafts, textiles and delicate needlework, and Herat - a famous region of Afghanistan - was historically a major centre of silk production along the famous 'Silk Road'. 

In recent years, Afghan craftsmen, artisans and fashion houses have worked to revive the country's status as a cultural centre, and people both at home and in the diaspora have used the growth of social media to celebrate Afghanistan's beautiful fashion and traditions and show them off to the world.

How to get involved

It's simple! Follow these easy steps:

1. Take a photo

From the 19th-25th April, take a photo in your favourite Afghan clothing. Whether it's your best outfit or just makes you feel your best, we want to see it! Why not get your friends, parents and siblings involved?

Why not use one of our #DressedInMyBest templates? You can add in your own photographs!


2. Write a caption

Write a caption for the photo describing what wearing Afghan dress - the fabrics, embroidery, and its history - mean to you. Even better if you know who made your clothes and how!

3. Use the hashtag

Use the #DressedInMyBest hashtag, and tag us in your photo. Check out other photos under the hashtag and like or leave a comment on your favourites! We'll be posting your lovely submissions on our InstagramTwitter, and Facebook all week long.

See you there!

Thank you for taking part and helping to celebrate and platform Afghanistan's rich history and expert craftsmanship - we can't wait to see your photos and to read your stories, and are so grateful for your support.

Our projects teach, revive and preserve traditional embroidery through out tailoring classes for Afghan women. Find out how you can support our work today:


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