Join the #StepUpForAfghanWomen Challenge!

2023 is another devastating year for communities across Afghanistan: 97% of the Afghan population are currently facing poverty, and at least two thirds need urgent humanitarian support to survive. This crisis is being felt most acutely felt by Afghan women, who are also facing the erosion of their rights and freedoms, meaning they are unable to contribute to household income, critical to feed their children and ensure their families welfare.

This International Women's Day, you can play a part in raising awareness of the challenges Afghan women and their families are currently navigating, all whilst raising vital funds to help us support them with the emergency assistance they need at this very difficult time.

How can I get involved?

It's simple: walk or wheel 20,000 steps (that's around 10 miles, or around two or three hours worth of walking) in solidarity with Afghan women this International Women's Day. All you need to do is follow these three steps: 

1. Let your friends and family know

Tell everyone you know that on March 8th, you will be walking 20,000 steps in order to raise awareness of the current situation for women in Afghanistan.

2. Create a #StepUpForAfghanWomen fundraising page on Facebook

Create and share your page with your friends, family and colleagues, and ask them to support you. You can set up your page here:

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3. Prepare for the big day!

Finally, make sure you prepare well to walk your 20,000 steps on the 8th March! Share a picture of yourself during your walk using one of our #StepUpForAfghanWomen templates to let your community know what you are walking for.

Our top fundraiser will receive a special goodie bag packed with all things Afghanaid, as well as a shout-out on our social channels!

If you need any help with setting up your fundraiser or garnering support from friends and family, get in contact with our team - we're here to support you every step of the way.

Find out more about what's happening in Afghanistan

One of the most important parts of taking part in this challenge is raising awareness. So here are a few facts and resources to share with friends and family when they ask you: "What is life like for women in Afghanistan?"

  • When a country is facing severe food insecurity, it is often women and their children who are more likely to go to bed hungry, and Afghanistan is no exception. Currently, 96% of female-headed households are not consuming sufficient levels of food and it is estimated that a staggering seven million children under aged five and mothers are malnourished.
  • One of our female staff members in Afghanistan shared her views on the evolving crisis for women and children in a recent statement“The public sphere for women in Afghanistan was already extremely limited but after the two recent decrees which deprive women from their basic rights to get an education and to work, I see that we are being completely erased from society." 
  • Women and girls are currently banned from attending secondary school or university, with many young girls also unable to attend primary school due to a lack of female teachers or travel restrictions. These barriers mean millions of women and girls across Afghanistan are unable to fulfil their potential, achieve their dreams, and learn skills that could help lift their entire families and wider communities out of poverty. Read our statement on women's and girls right to education.

Your support can change lives

Through your fundraiser, you will help us to support the some of most vulnerable women in Afghanistan with the emergency support they need - including cash support and food parcels - to help themselves and their families, whilst raising awareness of the challenges they are currently experiencing. This International Women's Day, #StepUp for Afghan Women to show women and their children across the country that we have not forgotten about them.

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