I am taking art commissions in order to raise money for Afghanaid, which is a charity that aims to provide support and resources to vulnerable people in Afghanistan, and are currently working to help families affected by the current crisis.

You are of course welcome to donate without commissioning anything :D Thank you!

These commissions will take the form of character designs, based on some of the fascinating folk of British & Irish mythology, for which there are many names in different areas – Brownies, Broonies, Urisks, Hobs, Bwbach, Fenodyree, etc. Their roles vary but the general idea seems to be that they were usually benign creatures associated with the home, and would provide certain housekeeping services as long as the human inhabitants were respectful (who would in some cases leave things out overnight for the Brownie, such as food). If angered however, a Brownie could become malicious and cause all kinds of mischief, wrecking havoc and sometimes leaving altogether.

What kind of Brownie do you want your character to be? Do they take care of the oven, the housework, or even the plumbing? Are they more of a free spirit who wanders from house to house, or perhaps dwells entirely in the natural world? What do they look like, and do they share any physical attributes with an animal?

Gimme a description and I'll draw 'em a character sheet! :D You can then donate however much you wish to the fundraiser.


Marika Keen