Regular support from our wonderful monthly giving community is a vital resource for Afghanaid. Having a reliable stream of funds that we can count on all year round, allows us to plan ahead so we can reach more vulnerable men, women and children, and respond immediately when disasters strike. 

Regular gifts empower change that will last. Every month, you can help us save lives, reach remote villages, respond to emergencies and natural disasters, and create healthier and stronger communities. You will be on the front lines, working to build a brighter future for the people of Afghanistan.

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Become a member of our monthly giving community and you will receive:

  • A welcome pack to celebrate you joining our community
  • Monthly videos and photos straight into your inbox, updating you on our progress
  • Update letters from our team on the ground
  • An end-of-year message directly from the people you're helping
  • Year-round support from our friendly Supporter Care Team.

How your membership could help:

£5 Could provide a class of women with literacy lessons, enabling them to live with dignity and independence.

£10 Could provide schools with proper toilets and access to clean water, encouraging attendance and reducing illness.

£15 Could pay for first aid kits and training in remote villages, saving lives in areas where the nearest hospital is hard to reach.

Can I give any amount?

Absolutely - you can give a regular gift of any amount you choose, for as long as you choose. A regular donation, no matter how small or large, helps ensure we can make long-term change for some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

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Our promise to you

When you choose to join our monthly giving community, we recognise that you are putting your trust in us - in return, we promise to use your money so that it will have the most impact, in the most cost-effective way possible. We know that we can only achieve our goal of a peaceful and thriving Afghanistan thanks to your generosity, support and trust - thank you.

We are committed to being fully accountable and transparent to the communities we work in, as well as to all of the individual supporters who make our work possible, so that you can be sure your money is being used wisely. Read our accountability promise.

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