Across the four decades of our work providing communities with life changing assistance, our teams have always sought to highlight everyday lives of ordinary Afghans, and introduce the diverse Afghan culture to as many of our supporters as possible, shifting the global narrative around Afghanistan to one of positivity and resilience.

Hospitality is central to Afghan culture, and whenever possible, families come together to celebrate and share food. So what better way to commemorate 40 years of working towards a thriving Afghanistan than to host an Afghanaid birthday party, complete with a multitude of sweet treats from across the country.

How can I get involved?

You can host your event at any time until the end of the year, and the world is your oyster on what you Afghan recipes and traditions you would like to include. Check out our top tips below and most importantly, let us know what you're up to!

Recipes for your party

When celebrating a milestone or special occasion, in both Afghanistan and the UK we love to opt for a very simple but treasured combination: a sweet treat and a cup of tea!

To mark this important year, we will be cooking the delicious Baghlaw-e- Khanagi, with a recipe from one of our colleagues, who told us: “We make Baghlaw-e-Khanagi for special days like Eid days and banquets,” making it the perfect treat for a birthday party!

Get the recipe

Join our celebrations and organise your own Afghan Birthday Party, using our recipe book to create some delicious Afghan biscuits and pastries, as well as a warming cup of chai. Click on the images below to explore more of our yummy Afghan recipes:

Everything you need to host the perfect Afghanaid Birthday Party

Follow these easy tips to ensure your party is a success, and to add some Afghan customs into your day!

  1. Bake your sweet treats in advance. These delicious cookies and pastries can be stored well, and this will save you set up time.
  2. Accompany your treats with a large teapot of Chai-E-Zanjafeel, a staple ginger tea from Afghanistan.
  3. When gathering for food, Afghan friends and families will sit on floor cushions, known as Toshaks, so why not set up your own floor pillows with a low table to share your special treats?
  4. Turn the event into a fundraiser: simply ask your guests to donate what they’d spend on eating out to Afghanaid!

Let us know your plans

Are you brainstorming how best to make your party an event to remember, have some pictures to send us, or perhaps you would like some tips on how to get your recipes just right? Whatever stage of your #AfghanaidBirthdayParty planning you're at, get in touch - we're here to help every step of the way!

Additionally, send us a video of you and your guests saying "Tavalodet Mobarak", or 'Happy Birthday' in Dari, which we can share on socials!

Thank you for your support

We're so grateful to every single one of you who hosts a party and fundraiser in-aid-of our work. Your fundraising is helping families fulfil their basic needs at this difficult time - a crucial first step in helping them rebuild their lives after losing their homes and livelihoods.