You may have seen some of your friends or followers create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for their favourite charity, or advocate for their causes with a fundraiser. This is a great way to connect with your network over important issues that unite you, and to unleash people power- by tapping into the generosity of your family and friends, you can make a real difference to the causes that are closest to your heart.

How to create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook

What better way to celebrate your birthday than to know you are making a difference to the lives of men, women and children in Afghanistan? In just a few short steps, you can raise funds that will allow families to feed and clean themselves, learn skills and earn an income, and protect their communities against climate change. 

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Select the Fundraiser button on the options sidebar to the right.
  3. Select your chosen cause – we are listed as Afghanaid.
  4. Choose how much you’d like to raise.
  5. Decide when you’d like your birthday fundraiser to end.
  6. Click next, and you’ll be asked to give your fundraiser a title.
  7. Add an explanation to tell your friends why you have chosen to fundraise for Afghanaid. Facebook will also suggest phrases for you to use.
  8. You’ll finally be asked to choose an image for your fundraiser– and you will be shown pictures Afghanaid has used before – pick your favourite, and then click ‘Create’.

Congratulations! Your birthday fundraiser is complete! Remember to share with your friends and connections, so they can show you some birthday love and help make a difference to vulnerable communities across Afghanistan, in a year when they need it most.

When your fundraiser ends, Afghanaid will receive the funds you have raised straight from Facebook.

Set up your Birthday Fundraiser!

Social media fundraisers this summer

This summer, any donations we receive via a fundraiser will be attributed to our By Her Side campaign, which will empower rural women to tackle food insecurity, revitalise local economies and inspire other women to become agents of change. This also means every £1 donated will be DOUBLED by the UK Government until 30th September, as part of UK Aid Match, meaning your contributions will go twice as far!

Any supporter that sets up a fundraiser for us this summer will also be sent one of our organic charity T-shirts, allowing them to continue to be an advocate for our mission for years to come!