In the midst of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises, Afghanistan faces many compounding challenges. After decades of conflict and instability, increasingly severe natural disasters have also wreaked havoc on Afghan livelihoods and the wider agricultural sector, exacerbating the economic crisis and leading to unimaginable levels of food insecurity. Undoubtedly worsened by the climate crisis, disasters such as drought and floods have left rural Afghan households unable to grow enough food or earn sustainable incomes. In addition to this, the humanitarian crisis and withdrawal of much international funding since August 2021 has meant there is limited support for households facing such challenges. 

The European Union has recognised the dearth of funding currently decimating humanitarian programming in Afghanistan, and worked alongside Afghanaid to create a holistic and sustainable large scale development project, through which they could meaningfully support ordinary people in Afghanistan, targeting women, youth and households with a disabled household members who are particularly affected by the current crisis.

With an incredibly generous funding allocation of €7.6 million, Afghanaid and its partners will now be able to provide a comprehensive support programme in a number of provinces to secure the basic necessities of rural Afghans, provide income generation opportunities, and to support communities to apply climate smart agriculture techniques and restore agricultural land for food production. Afghanaid is also seeking generous funders to contribute to a unique co-financing opportunity as part of this project to maximise its success.

Charles Davy, Managing Director of Afghanaid:

“At a time when so many Afghans do not have enough to eat, it is critical that more is done to enable vulnerable households to grow more food, and strengthen and diversify their incomes. This is especially crucial for people with disabilities, who are disproportionately affected by the present crisis. Afghanaid is committed to making a real and sustainable change to the lives of the people it is supporting."

The EU and its implementing partners are committed to a principled approach by ensuring that both men and women directly participate in and benefit from project activities. We know that the way to realise meaningful change in Afghanistan is to champion community-led, inclusive humanitarian interventions. We are so pleased that the EU also recognises the transformative power of this by lending their generous support to this innovative new project.

Raffaella Iodice, EU Chargée d’Affaires a.i.:

“We are committed to helping the people of Afghanistan, especially the most vulnerable people in local communities, such as families headed by women that cannot meet their basic needs. We welcome this partnership with Afghanaid, a long-standing actor engaged in Afghanistan."

Through responsible and principled engagement, other international donors can too meaningfully contribute to the rebuilding of Afghan communities, and through independent NGOs like Afghanaid, individual people can confidently show their support for one of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

How can you help?

Recognising the multiple, overlapping challenges facing Afghan communities, our teams have been providing at-risk families with emergency assistance to help them feed their families now, as well as the support they need to tackle the compounding effects of the climate crisis whilst strengthening their livelihoods.

Led by local people, we're building a more resilient future for Afghanistan, in which families have a reliable source of food and income, as well as the knowledge and wherewithal to protect themselves and the environment.

You can help us reach even more people with this vital assistance. With just a bit of support, we can ensure families like his can build their resilience to future crises. Donate today and help Afghans feed their families, gain autonomy and build a stronger, more prosperous tomorrow:

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