We're thrilled to announce that Afghanaid's brand new film, Still Here, produced to mark 40 years of our life-saving and life-changing work in Afghanistan, has been shortlisted in this year's 2024 Charity Film Awards in the longform category.

We're delighted and honoured to be named amongst this fantastic pool of nominees.

- Charles Davy, Managing Director at Afghanaid

"It's so important for us to have opportunities like this to raise greater awareness of the challenges ordinary Afghans continue to navigate. We have been gravely concerned that the world's attention, which was fully focused on Afghanistan in 2021, might not be similarly engaged as we enter this new year - one which, for many, promises to be even more challenging than the last. But through this incredible platform, we're confident that Afghan stories of resilience and hope will be able to drive many others to take action and remember Afghanistan."

Being named as a finalist recognises our film among the best in cause-based storytelling, with each shortlisted film showcasing a unique narrative that resonates with the ethos of philanthropy and social impact. We're so excited that Afghanaid and the resilient communities we work with will be represented at the upcoming awards, which are recognised by both the BFI and IMDb.

Watch, vote, spread the word

1. Watch our film

In their own words and through their stories, find out about how our 4 decades of work has changed lives and inspired hope for ordinary people across Afghanistan.

2. Cast your vote

This very exciting news also means that we're in need of your help: mark your calendars for the 14th of February, as it marks the commencement of the second round of voting for the People's Choice award. This is your opportunity to have a direct impact by voting for Afghanaid's film, and celebrating Abdul Latif, Hanifa "Boss Mum" Mohammadi and Haji Hamidullah Rahmani's stories.

Every vote means so much to us and makes such a difference.

Vote For Afghanaid

3. Spread the word

My power is because of my people, men and women, and our power is in unity.

- Haji Hamidullah Rahmani

As put perfectly by community leader Haji Hamidullah in our film, our power is in unity. If you feel moved by his story, we hope you will consider converting those emotions into tangible action. Once you've voted, we'd love your support in spreading the word about the film awards, but most importantly, in helping to build unity behind our mission to make a lasting difference to the lives of ordinary Afghans. Together, through our collective efforts, we can contribute to positive change and the rebuilding of lives.

How? Here's a start: you could post about Afghanistan and Afghanaid's work on your social media, tell a family member, or mention it in your office. Why not host a watch party? Gather some family and friends and screen the film, and make some Afghan treats to make it a truly special occasion.

Thank you!

The production of this film, being nominated as a finalist, and most importantly, our vital day-to-day work alongside communities just can't happen without you, our incredible community of supporters. We're so glad to have the opportunity to share our impact with many more people through this exciting nomination, and glad for your role in making that happen.

We can truly can never thank you enough.

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