On 26th October 2015, a devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook Badakshan province in the north eastern corner of Afghanistan. Hundreds were killed, more than 4,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in Badkhshan alone and over 51,000 people were left in need of humanitarian assistance.

I went to my home and everything was destroyed. There was no place to continue our life.

When disaster strikes in Afghanistan, Afghanaid's dedicated staff are immediately on the ground, providing life-saving assistance in the most remote communities, as well as long-lasting support to help vulnerable Afghans rebuild their lives. 

Within days of the earthquake, Afghanaid coordinated with the UN World Food Programme in order to distribute some much-needed food packages to over 3,161 families. Afghanaid also supplied families with tents, warm clothing and hygeine kits. 

Abdul Wakil lives in Darayem District, Badakhshan. As a farmer, he works hard to support his family of twelve. He was at home when the earthquake struck on 26 October and describes in detail the events of that day.

"The earthquake did not give me time, not even a moment to go outside. The room collapsed on my head. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the clinic, the local community had taken me there, I had been unconscious for three or four hours. When I opened my eyes, I did not know what had happened to my family and our home. Finally, I found out that my family were well. But I went to my home and saw that everything was destroyed. There was no place to continue our life." From December 2015 to April 2016, Abdul Wakil received cash assistance from Afghanaid. He is thankful to our staff for supporting him. He used the money to rent accommodation for him and his family during the winter months and to buy the necessities of daily life.

Almost 2,000 families across 6 districts also received monthly and one-off monetary aid to pay for: rent of temporary accomodation, repair of damaged homes and winter supplies such as fuel, gas and blankets.

But many families were without the means to rebuild their homes. Afghanaid has since returned to the affected communities to repair 246 homes that were severely damaged or destroyed.

Rebuilding damaged homes

Rayhana, who was widowed as a result of the earthquake, has five children all under the age of 12.

My husband’s death was not only deeply traumatising; it also left the six of us living under the open sky. For two months we lived in the yard.

The family managed to make some repairs, but with the loss of the family’s main earner, they could not afford doors and windows. Your help provided Rayhana and her children with the protection they desperately needed before the onset of another freezing winter.

Now I have a proper room for my children to live in warmth and comfort.