This winter, we've been working with vulnerable communities across Afghanistan, providing emergency aid to families who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict, drought or climate-induced natural disasters.

Much of Afghanistan experiences extreme heat in the summer months, but during the winter the temperature can dip to around 20 degrees below freezing, with thick snow covering the land. For families on the move with very few supplies, such winters can be lethal.

Worsening conditions threaten families

This winter the situation promised to be particularly bad, with over four hundred and thirty-seven thousand people displaced across the country during 2019. From our bases in Ghor and Nangahar, where many of the displaced families had settled, we started work early to identify the most vulnerable families. By prioritizing families headed by women, people with disabilities and the elderly population, we have been able to help hundreds of families find some solace.


We provided two types of assistance: 

  • In Ghor we provided families with cash amounting to $200 per family in total, distributed in two stages across the winter. This way we were able to ensure that the recipients had the equipment they so desperately needed to protect themselves against the cold.
  • In Nangahar we provided emergency kits to struggling families, including things like: blankets and solar lanterns; a cooking kit; women’s sanitary items; soaps, towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste; and basic first aid items.

We recently distributed Non-Food Items packages to 366 conflict and disaster affected families in Nagarhar.


Over the coming weeks, as the harsh weather continues, we will continue to support vulnerable families who are struggling to get by.

Winters in Afghanistan can be difficult for every community. To read about how we have worked to help drought affected farmers in the Central Highlands protect their livestock, click here.

How you can help vulnerable Afghan families

There are still families who are extremely vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions. If you would like to help give even more displaced families across Afghanistan the best possible chance at living peaceful and prosperous lives, why not consider becoming a regular donor?

With a donation from £3 per month, you can provide food, blankets, clothes, soap and other essentials to vulnerable families.

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