The UK is due to co-host an upcoming United Nations virtual pledging summit on 31st March to help address the growing humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan. Afghanaid, alongside other member organisations of the British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG) welcome this commitment, with hope that the UK Government will be highly ambitious in both the planning and in the follow up to the summit.

We strongly urge the UK Government to make every effort to ensure that not only the humanitarian funding targets are met but also real progress is made towards stabilising the economy. We are calling for real investment in the recovery of rural livelihoods to address the humanitarian crisis, as well as longer term support to build climate resilience and environmental protection in the country.

Support for Afghanistan has never been more urgently needed. Political instability, conflict, economic collapse, drought, and Covid-19 have pushed the country into what is now the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

BAAG has called on organisers of the summit to listen to five key considerations: diverse representation and inclusion; both the quality and quantity of support; policy commitments beyond funding; regional and global roles; tracking and follow-up.

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It is heartening that the UK Government acknowledges the urgency of the devastating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. But urgent action is needed to prevent the crisis from getting worse.

How can I help the people of Afghanistan?

Helping families fulfil their basic needs is a crucial first step in helping them rebuild their lives. Come spring, Afghanaid will also be working with communities across the country to get agriculture going again, to strengthen their resilience to face future crises, and to once again begin to support themselves.

Your gift will help them make it through difficult times and help rebuild their communities:

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