Over the last year, we’ve been thinking a lot about the language we use, and reflecting on how we can do better in order to ensure we are not reinforcing historical colonial power structures. We know how much power language has and we believe we have a responsibility to use it appropriately, particularly when talking about the people we work with. With that in mind, we’ve updated the language we use in all of our communications materials, both external and internal, so that it better reflects our values and the way in which we operate.

Alongside this we’ve also refreshed the design of our website. One of the key aspects that drove our new design is accessibility: we’ve worked hard to ensure that the website is optimised for screen readers, and that it adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Similarly, we've been including image descriptions on the images we use on the site and on our social media channels. We’re really excited about this refresh and we hope you like it. As always, new designs can come with teething problems so if you run into any issues using the site please do let us know

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