This World Environment Day, we're celebrating the people we're working alongside to revive and protect their ecosystems in Afghanistan, who are taking the lead on #GenerationRestoration.

What is the situation in Afghanistan?

The people of Afghanistan are facing a growing array of environmental issues, including:

  • years of deforestation and land degradation;
  • worsening air and water pollution;
  • the depletion of groundwater;
  • and more frequent and severe natural disasters, like drought and floods.

Since the beginning of 2021, over 22,600 people have been affected by natural disasters in Afghanistan. With the majority of families in the country dependent on natural resources to survive, these environmental issues pose a significant threat to these communities: trapping families in poverty, forcing people to leave their homes, making finding food a major challenge, and intensifying conflict over reduced resources. 

Sustained conflict, instability, and the increasing impact of climate change makes tackling these challenges ever more difficult. 

What is Afghanaid doing to tackle these issues?

Led by local people, we're building a more resilient future for Afghanistan, in which families have a reliable source of food and income, as well as the knowledge and wherewithal to restore ecosystems and protect the environment. For example, we're helping rural families to adopt sustainable farming practices; plant trees and set up their own orchards; grow more and a wider variety of crops; and cultivate home vegetable gardens.

You can read some of their stories below:

Haji Nasruldeen's Story  Bibi Sahra's Story  Mohammad Akbar's Story

How can you get involved?

Concerned about environmental degradation and deforestation? You too can help communities in Afghanistan to protect the environment, plant trees and learn climate-smart farming techniques. There are lots of ways for you to get involved: share one of the stories above to help raise awareness; make a donation to help us reach more Afghan families; enter our #BigPlant competition to be in with the chance of winning a prize; or find out more about our #PlantForProsperity campaign below. However you choose to get involved, we think you're amazing and we are incredibly grateful - thank you!

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