Nickbhat (pictured), aged 20, lives in a remote village in Lal wa Sarjangal district, Ghor Province with her mother and four siblings. Last year, she finished one of Afghanaid’s tailoring courses, where she showed real talent.

I was so happy to get the opportunity to take part in Afghanaid’s tailoring course.The teacher was really nice - first she taught us how to use the sewing machine, then she taught us how to choose the type of material and thread to use. After this, she taught us how to measure and cut patterns to make clothes.

I really enjoyed the course, and learning new skills alongside other women. We learned together and we became good friends. Now, I sell the products I make in the local market and earn an income to support my family.”

“In the past my family had a difficult time - we do not have a father and my mother has done her best for us but she is illiterate and she never got an opportunity to learn some skills like I did, so we have often struggled to get even basic essentials. Now, thanks to Afghanaid, I can see things will be much better.”

Making her family proud

Her mother, Mariam (below, left), is proud of her daughter’s achievements: “Before, we did not know anything about these things, now my daughter is learning a lot of useful skills and it is good to see that she is opening her mind. This also means our family now has an income through selling her products in the market, which has made a huge difference to all of our lives. We are so grateful - thank you,” she said.

“Since taking part in Afghanaid’s tailoring course she makes and repairs all of our clothes, and sells clothes at the market. This means we are spending less and also earning an income. I can see she is very happy and it has improved all of our lives so much, so we are happy too,” added her sister, Jomagul (below, right).

How can you help?

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