Sayed and his wife live with their five children in Badakhshan - a mountainous region in northeastern Afghanistan. Whilst beautiful, in the most remote districts of Badakhshan, winter is the most difficult time of year. This past winter proved even tougher than previous, with the cost of food and essentials skyrocketing, and many humanitarian organisations forced to halt their programmes following the events of August 2021. For many families here, much-needed support is in short supply.

Whilst life is tough in these areas, in the past Sayed’s family has managed to get by. Their home, which Sayed built himself, protects them from the worst of the winter storms. However in 2021 the harsh winter conditions meant that Sayed - alongside many others who survive by finding daily work on other people’s land - was left without a source of income. As a result, the family was pushed into an increasingly difficult situation.

Last year we didn’t have anything to eat, and couldn’t afford what my children needed for their education. We really didn't have anything.

Undeterred by difficult conditions or treacherous journeys, Afghanaid ensures that even the most remote villages receive emergency assistance when they need it most. When our team reached Sayed’s village, his family was identified as one in need of support, and they quickly received the necessities required to get through the winter, including fuel, rice, cooking utensils such as pots and pans and blankets.

“During the winter we are always jobless because it is in the summer that people need workers,” Sayed told us. “Before Afghanaid came here our situation was very bad. If we had not received this assistance, we would have travelled to Iran or some other country to look for work. Thanks to Afghanaid we were able to stay in our home.”

Whilst warmer months often means greater access to work for labourers like Sayed, demand for job opportunities is currently higher than ever, which complicates his search for an income. “Sometimes I will find work in this village and sometimes I go to the centre of the province”, Sayed told us. He is willing to travel wherever it takes to ensure he can support his family: “Wherever I can find work, I will go.”

Supporting families as another winter approaches

Whilst Sayed and his family are no longer in need of emergency assistance, there are still complex, long-term difficulties facing rural families like theirs, which they need support navigating as we approach another brutal winter. As snow begins to once again settle across Afghanistan, extreme food shortages are ongoing and the repercussions of the economic collapse are still enduring across the country. 

Families like Sayed’s need sustained support to ensure a more resilient future is guaranteed. With your help, we can work with communities to strengthen livelihoods and make sure that families can rely on a stable income and have access to secure food sources. To help us reach that goal, join Afghanaid's regular giving community today to support tens of thousands of vulnerable Afghans families in the months and years ahead:

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