To all of our incredible fundraisers and volunteers - THANK YOU! Here are some of the things our wonderful supporters have been getting up to. We hope they inspire you to get creative and do something amazing for vulnerable people in Afghanistan!

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Fantastic Fonzie's Triathlon for Afghanaid!

After seeing a news item about children in Afghanistan facing food shortages during the pandemic, five-year-old Fonzie Pisaro decided to take on a triathlon in-aid-of our work. Fantastic Fonzie climbed North Yorkshire landmark Roseberry topping, cycled 5 miles, and jumped into a freezing cold river. His heroic efforts raised a whopping £3,000!

Here's some highlights from the day:

Fonzie returns...this time with a little help!

One year on from his mega triathlon challenge, and Fonzie (now 6) was ready to embark upon another adventure to raise vital funds for Afghan children and their families, this time with a little help from his three-year-old brother Rocco! Together, the two boys climbed 10 North Yorkshire peaks in a week, a phenomenal achievement at their age, with the combined height of these peaks equating to the height of Noshaq, Afghanistan’s tallest mountain!

Read more about the boys’ motivations for dusting off their hiking boots and learn how much they raised this time by checking out their tell-all article in the Times!

A night to remember at the National Theatre

The arts provide an invaluable opportunity to learn and understand the experiences of others, often bridging cultural and geographic divides to reinforce our shared humanity and universal tales of love, hope and loss. Last year's National Theatre stage production of 'The Boy With Two Hearts' did just that.

We were invited to join the cast and crew of this astonishing play last October, to raise life-saving funds for families experiencing hardship across Afghanistan. This powerful adaptation told the true story of the Amiri family, who fled Afghanistan in search of a better life in the UK, and gave an important insight into the hardships many Afghan families currently experience. The outpouring of support we received from the audience was astonishing, enabling us to raise over £3,500 to help vulnerable men, women and children to ensure they can also create better futures for themselves.

Learn more about The Boy With Two Hearts.

The #TwoPointSixChallenge

In lieu of the postponed London Marathon on 26th April 2020, we challenged our supporters to do something #ForAfghanistan - Run, Bike, Stretch, Dance or Play - to make the day one to remember. Our fantastic supporters rose to the challenge, helping to raise awareness of the Coronavirus situation in Afghanistan. Check out our highlights!

'Adstockistan', Buckinghamshire

A small village with a huge heart, Adstock in rural Buckinghamshire and its fundraising orchard 'Adstockistan', have been committed supporters of our work for almost a decade. Read more about and be inspired by the positive impact this community has made to the lives of vulnerable farming families in Afghanistan:

Adstock: A Community of Changemakers

Brunel Afghan Society

The Afghan Society at Brunel University showed their dedicated support by holding two fantastic evenings in-aid-of Afghanaid this year. In December, we thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful display of music, dance, food and fashion, and the evening raised a very generous £315.

In March, Brunel and University of Westminster Afghan Society joined forces to hold an incredible Nowruz celebration which gave us all the opportunity to enjoy all things Afghan, including a fantastic display of dance from professional dancer Ziba Tabrizi. The evening raised over £1,000 - an astonishing amount - showing the dedication of the fantastic members of the society.

Ensemble Laudetsi: A concert for Afghanaid

Royal Academy of Music graduate Phelan Burgoyne developed a passion for Afghanistan while learning the rubab, a lute-like Afghan instrument. Back in 2017, Phelan first organised a concert to raise money for Afghanaid, for which he composed an original piece.

In February 2019, Phelan decided to dazzle us again and held a concert with fellow musicians and rubab players Mathieu Clavel, Maria Papadimitraki and Sulaiman Haqpana. The group wowed the audience at the Royal Anthropological Institute with a mesmerising performance.

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