Sohila has been baking her way out of poverty since we first helped her improve her baking skills back in 2014. Since then, she has started her own business selling cakes to relatives and neighbours, and she has recently started supplying the women's market in Fayzabad.

Sohila bakes cakes with Afghanaids womens economic empowerment programme

"I was under stress before as a housewife and the family members fought, now we no longer fight with each other. We have learned how to change our lives for the better. Everything is going well and I'm sure my business will succeed. 

My family is proud of me and we are all more sociable because of my business. My family loves what I make but I don't give it away for free. If you want to eat it you have to pay. My children understand that they benefit from what I sell and don’t dare touch the sweets. They know I make a business from selling them."

Sohila recently held her own training day for other women in order to share her knowledge and experiences. "You should do your own work to make money, don’t wait for your husband to provide it."


Sohila's favourite thing to bake is Chalo Palo, a sweet treat dipped in syrup and desiccated coconut. Fancy giving it a try? Get in touch for the recipe. 

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