Humanitarian crises are never gender neutral. Meet Masoma - for women like her, life in Afghanistan comes with many barriers, but just a bit of support can have a transformative impact. Watch our animation to hear her story:

How can I help women in Afghanistan?

Over the past year, we've been responding with emergency assistance where needed and helping communities get through this difficult time. Communities are now battling the effects of economic collapse, rising cost of food and a continuing drought, and the country is facing extreme food shortages. Families headed by women are hardest hit, with almost 100% of these families not eating enough food on a daily basis. Right now we are raising funds to support Afghan women to learn new skills, feed their families, earn an income and rebuild their lives. 

Any support you can provide will make a big difference to Afghan women and their families. It will also send a strong message that the outside world has not forgotten about Afghanistan: